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  • Silencers/suppressors � from SileNZ Rifle Suppressors. Lightweight, high quality, hybrid construction for durability and effective sound suppression. Designed and made in NZ.

  • Silencers - For centrefire and rimfire rifles.  New Zealand designed and manufactured by MAE Ltd.

  • Millspec Coatings NZ Ltd - Metal coatings using the spray application and heat cured method.  Black or camo colours available.  For more information check out their website at www.brentsandowknives.com

  • Matheson - Leather guncases and other sporting accessories by Matheson.  Check out their website at www.matheson.co.nz

  • Four Seasons Safaris - Hunting & Fishing New Zealand - Professional Outdoor Guiding Service throughout the South Island of New Zealand, outfiters of hunting, trout and salmon fly fishing, skiing, and jet boating safaris. All guides have a high degree of experience in the great outdoors of NZ.  www.hunting-fishing.co.nz

  • Swazi Outdoor Clothing - Tramping and hunting apparel from New Zealand.  Features online ordering, real audio of NZ wildlife and classic NZ scenery.  www.swazi.co.nz

  • Matt James - Taupo based damascus steel for custom knives and ornamental work.   Particular requirements are catered for.   The pattern welded steel created is a mixture of 1075 and L6, or 1075 and pure nickel. The layer count varies between 150 and 300 depending on the pattern.   Overseas orders welcome.  Check out his website at www.damascus.co.nz

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