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At present we are offering a high-grade bolt action stalking rifle, styled on similar lines to those of the great old English gunmaker firms.  As one of the British colonial countries, New Zealand's early history is rich in English influence from the buildings and parks to the early towns that housed them.  The early settlers also brought with them a love of hunting from game birds to deer, and a vision that future generations would have the right to hunt the species they have liberated here.

Fore Sight
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The classic style of the older hunting rifles seems to be going through a resurgence in popularity as distinguished hunting enthusiasts wish to own a rifle with a bit more class, a hand built work of art that is a joy to behold and to use.

For those who have tired of the mass-produced factory rifles with their decreasing levels of quality, we offer the chance to purchase a rifle that will not only be reliable and accurate but can take pride of a place in your collection.  In your choice of calibre, and built to your specifications the rifle you have always deserved to own awaits your order.

Of course, top quality and service always come at a higher price, however when compared with popular gunmakers from the USA and the UK, and taking into account the current exchange rate to the NZ dollar, our rifles come at ½ to 1/3 of the price for practically the same quality rifle. Action
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At every stage of completion you can be assured that each task is undertaken with great care and attention to detail, with a craftsman's skill and an artist's finesse.  All rifles can be supplied with a hard leather case or soft leather gun bag if required.

DF Maisey Custom Rifle
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Currently offered are two different models, the Express and the Express Deluxe.

Express DELUXE

The express deluxe features a traditional Mauser 98 action, top quality barrel specially profiled, hand made and fitted quarter rib and front sight base, one standing and two folding leaf rear sight, deluxe trigger with safety button, Oberndorf style swing release floor plate system, hand made walnut stock, checkered and finished with a red 'Silvers' pad. Rear Sights
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Scope mounts either 'fixed' or 'quick release' type are usually fitted also, but the rifle can be ordered with open sights only if preferred.  All rifles feature some degree of hand engraving and 'matting', but special requests for additional engraving can usually be accommodated.   Calibres available are from .22-250 Rem through to .300 Win. Mag. on the standard Mauser actions.
For larger calibres we choose to use one of several available commercial actions that would best suit your purposes.  Weight for express deluxe- approx. 8 lbs without scope.


The Express model is essentially the same as the deluxe model but with a standard 3 leaf express sight and base instead of quarter rib, and a hinged floor plate with trigger guard release lever in either steel, or in aluminium alloy for lightweight model requests.
Weight without scope @7-73/4 Lbs without scope.
Under Trigger
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We can also supply telescopic sights if required. Prices:- by quote at time of order.
Estimated completion time:- 4-6 Months from order and deposit.

All rifles at present are produced "to order" only.  The price and estimated time to complete depends on the clients specific requests and the material costs for an order at the time purchased.

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Express Deluxe- from NZ$ 9500.00
Express model- from NZ$ 8500.00

Prices include NZ Goods and Services Tax at 15%
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Conditions of business do apply.

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